Test Sites

These are some experimental web projects I created. I call them: Test Sites.

Some are more experimental than others and may not work in every browser.

Have fun exploring them!



A little browser game where you have to not find the bomb. It uses experimental features like the Web Audio API, vibration and theme color.

There's 1 bomb. Hit the dots to get points. When you hit the bomb it's game over.

Blender or Photo


Blender or photo? That is the question.

This is a little thingy that shows you an image and asks you whether you think it's real or not. As in, computer generated (with Blender) or an actual photograph.

Speech sniffer


Say something. See if it's listening.

Seriously, this thing listens to what you say and puts those words on the screen. It uses your browser's own speech recognition functionality. If your browser doesn't support that, it doesn't work, though..

CSS Backdrop Filter


This is a test of the new upcoming CSS feature called "backdrop-filter". Right now it only works in Safari (WebKit), though it can be enabled in Google Chrome via the "Experimental Web Platform Features" flag.

Backdrop filter allows you to add a filter to everything that's behind the element it's applied to. It's the effect iOS uses on certain elements of it's UI, which is probably why Safari is the first to support this feature.

Have some ideas for test sites I could make?

You can submit them here: